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Mixing Business with Pleasure

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It is said that on average, we spend 30% of our lives at work. Many people exceed this percentage and continue their working hours at home; or even work from home full-time. The necessity for our Clients to have an office in their property has become increasingly popular. Just like any other space which we are tasked with to design, everything is meticulously considered.

A home working space should relieve the emotion of heading into the office for another day at work; and be almost somewhere that you can retreat to and actually enjoy spending time. The key is to provide luxurious comfort, even when sat behind the desk. Arranging and dressing the space with your favourite fabrics, art and objet, will create a wholesome atmosphere and stimulate productivity.

We are still in awe of the stunning desk commissioned by Based Upon: a prime example of taking a furniture item and elevating it to a true work of art. It is beautiful to look at as a stand-alone sculpture; it’s practical, full of storage and even USB charging ports; and it tells a truly personal story of its user. Although we know that not everyone would be able to budget for a truly bespoke item like this; just using this as a basic principle for sourcing pieces which are aesthetically pleasing, functional and personal – you will soon create a space that you won’t want to leave.

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